Richard Rice

Richard A. Rice is a Huntsville native, where he attended Bob Jones High. He matriculated at the University of Alabama, majored in Business Administration with a primary concentration in Economics. He received several scholarships and did studies in pre-law and psychology. Upon graduation in August 2004, he returned home and worked with AMCOM in the Office of the Judge Advocate General as a legal assistant. After a year of serving in this capacity, he matriculated at the University of Alabama School of Law in August 2005. Rice received a full academic scholarship to pursue a Doctorate of Jurisprudence. After graduation in May 2008, he joined up with a political consulting firm, as a Canvass Director. In this capacity he worked to promote democratic and progressive principles by organizing individuals, groups, civic organizations and other affiliates. In 2009, he founded The Rice Firm, LLC. In his practice, Rice assists consumers, homeowners, injury victims, veterans, charities and small business owners with a multitude of legal issues. The firms practice areas are diverse but are generally focused on the pursuit of social justice and economic empowerment including consumer law, personal injury, civil rights and small business consulting.

Attorney Rice has been proud to call Birmingham, AL his home since 2010. He is admitted to practice in Municipal and State courts of Alabama as well as U. S. District Federal Court for the Northern District of Alabama. U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. He is a member of Birmingham Bar Association, Alabama Bar Association, Magic City Bar Association, American Association for Justice, Alabama Lawyers Association; he is member of the Board of Directors for several charity organizations including: Alabama Possible (Board Member), Magic City Agriculture Project (President of the Executive Board and Board Chairperson), and Four Letter Word (Co-Founder/Board Member).

The Rice Firm, LLC

The Rice Firm, LLC is committed to the pursuit of economic justice in every market and every facet of life. The firm serves as advocates and counselors to individuals, families, and entrepreneurs in a variety of fields. Whether you are an entrepreneur devising a market entry strategy, a financially distressed homeowner with an uncooperative lender, the victim of a personal injury incident, a small business owner involved in a contract dispute, or an individual saddled in debt looking for a fresh start, we are here to assist you in overcoming any obstacle on the path to realizing your greatest potential.

Litigation can be a powerful tool for solving problems for clients. We also understand it can be expensive, protracted and, ultimately, unsuccessful. Other tools, such as legislative and administrative advocacy, community education, direct action and use of the media, should always be considered along with litigation options. Before filing suit, the lawyer must first determine that a lawsuit is the appropriate strategy, or one of several strategies, for solving the client's particular problem or attaining a specific goal.

The Rice Firm,LLC is a full-service law firm based out of Birmingham, Alabama that focuses primarily on consumer protection (i.e. foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, loss mitigation, products liability). A small firm fighting for economic justice, determined to ensure a safe landing for individuals and small businesses after they have been left stranded. Why are they so invested? With a undergraduate degree in Economics, having obtained his Juris Doctorate from The University of Alabama, Richard A. Rice has committed his practice to finding justice for all and he believes whole-heartedly that each person should be able to live freely in a world where so much opportunity abounds; free of debt, free of stress, free of heartache, and free of worry. Yes, he is an eternal optimist but his practice is grounded in compassionate pragmatism.

In this ever-changing economy, the one certainty we all face, is that many are and will continue struggling to make ends meet. Bills are piling up, creditors are calling and harassing you all hours of the day, and the feelings of being alone with no help in sight are mounting -- rest assured; you are NOT alone. The Rice Firm understands the stress and heartache of financial crisis. You just need a little rescue and maybe a dose of compassion. We will work with you until you regain full control of your property, your finances, and your life. We will make known the options available to you and get you back on the fast track to your ultimate well-being.

We do this because we know there are millions out there currently struggling with the same thing, and if you have found us, well, we do it because we know it makes a difference to this one. And we won’t stop until we make a difference for everyone.